ILSHINWELLS pursues happiness and health
by using future technology.



ILSHINWELLS rates peoples’ health as no.1 priority

ILSHINWELLS' missions are human-centered company operations and combination of eco-friendly naturalist aesthetics. The management philosophy is people's health is the best. Well-being may be expressed as to ‘eat well and live healthy” however, this does not mean to spend luxuriously but to live in harmony and to live a life that I seek without concerning about others’ perception. We expressed the freedom and eco-friendly feeling as the leaves blowing in the breeze. Clean font of the simple lines is easy to apply the identity of ILSHINWELLS to any media. We used green color that of nature and plants. We also put various seasons into gradation of colors which is lime green of sprout on spring and dark green of bushes on summer.

Standard Wordmark


Major Motive : Wipes soaked with breeze

Modification Wordmark

You have to use English logo as possible, should not use the Korean logo independantly except for English and Korean company names. If you need the Korean logo, you should use only in the form of the logo that Korean and English logos are mixed.

Color System


Pantone 877C (Silver)Pantone 872C (Gold)

When you reproduce wordmark color, the reference color should be based on four primary colors on a white background and 4 primary colors must be observed except black.

  • ci 색상1 RGB : R 128 + G 133 + B 131
    CMYK : C 50 + M36 + Y35
  • ci 색상2 RGB : R 77 + G 172 + B 38
    CMYK : C 70 + Y100
  • ci 색상3 RGB : R 26 + G 148+ B 49
    CMYK : C 90 + Y100
    RGB : R 166 + G 213+ B 19
    CMYK : C 35 + Y100

Identifier Clear Space Rule


Logotype Legal Name

로고타입 ILSHINWELLS, 주식회사 일신웰스 ILSHINWELLS Co., Ltd
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