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연구 2실

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“We will do our best to develop the differentiated product through
the bioconversion process technology and to offer the optimal solution to the customer.”

연구2실은 생명공학기술을 바탕으로 고객과 시장의 니즈에 따라 기능성 바이오 소재 제품을 개발 공급하여 왔습니다. 현재 뛰어난 연구역량을 지닌 연구원으로 구성된 효율적이고 조직적인 체계를 갖추고 당사 전통적 강세 사업인 식품/산업용 소재는 물론 기능성 식품첨가물, 재구성 구조지질, 나노식품소재 및 이를 응용한 Application에 이르기까지 다양한 영역의 신기술 연구에 적합한 최신 설비를 갖추고 있습니다.
						연구2실은 고객에게 보다 최적화된 기술 Solution을 제공하고 효율적인 소재 공급을 위해 끊임없는 연구개발 활동을 전개하고 있습니다.

Research Domain

  • The bioconversion process technology1)
    based on micro-organisms and enzymes
  • Development and production of nano-food materials2)
  • Development of antibiotic product
  • Offering the optimal solution to the customer through application technology of materials, and product development

Research & Development Field

Food Additives Quality improvement materials, dispersion stabilizer, natural emulsion stabilizer
Structured Lipids Material3) Diglycerides, oil and fat of breast milk substitute, oil and fat contained CLA
Nano Food Material Liquid calcium carbonate, iron formulation
Applied Materials Powdered oil and fat
Biotech Antimicrobial and enzymes/industrialization of micro-organisms
1)Bioconversion Process Technology
Bioconversion process technology improves biocatalyst to fit the unique characteristics of natural microorganisms or enzymes for bio-chemical process through strains and genetic screening. It also utilizes the economic shift reaction comparing with the chemical reaction using the biocatalytic through the biocatalyst optional activity about raw materials, the reaction yield and the conversion ratio, the optimization about conditions of reaction, The laboratory of ILSHINWELLS has substituted and supplemented the existing chemical processes, and has researched Clean-Technology. We also have processed the oil-soluble fine chemistry product and related derivatives using biological catalysts.
Nano-technology produces useful materials by constructing the production system in nano(one billionth of a meter) field, and generates new materials using new properties and phenomena. Improvement of functionality, stability, safety and economic application of energy and resources can be secured through the minimization of food material sizes. The laboratory of ILSHINWELLS has developed food materials applying nano-technology to pursue the better quality of life.
3)Structured Lipid
Structured lipid is to improving physical, chemical and nutritional characteristics of lipid combining composition with positional distribution (sn-1(3), sn-2) of fatty acid located in glycerol backbond of neutral fat in nature chemical or enzymatic reaction. Therefore, structured lipid can be used in very limited section if oil & fat’s inherent property of matter is used as it is. However, the rearrangement of fatty acid chain changes characteristics of oil & fat, and increases the processability, and is used to develop the health oriented oil & fat product. Structured lipid comes to the fore as a plan for producing functional new material (oil & fat materials) such as food materials, medical materials, and cosmetic materials.
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