ILSHINWELLS pursues happiness and health
by using future technology.



InnovationThe Present ~ 2000

고객을 최우선으로, 세계 속으로 나아가는 ㈜일신웰스입니다. ㈜일신웰스는 고객건강을 제일로 생각하는 일신유화㈜의 정신을 이어받았습니다. 적극적인 연구개발과 신제품 개발에 주력하여, 보다 안정적이고 고품질의 제품을 공급하고자  상호를 변경하게 되었습니다.

ILSHIN Industry was established in 1972, and has laid the capacity for study and technology
from then on.
we have strived to become a unique company even in the toughest circumstances.
As a result, ILSHINWELLS received many prizes such as 'One Million-Dollar Export Tower' and
'Ministry of Science and Technology Medal', and also achieved lots of outcomes such as
'High Technology Company','INNO-BIZ Company' and 'Innovative Management Business'.
We export our products to Asia nations like China, Japan and India,
and the export profits reach over 1 million dollar per year.

ILSHINWELLS is currently expanding the exportation to Asia, and
we will promote the exportation to America and Europe.

현재 ~ 2000
ISO 22000인증, ISO 9001인증, 기술연구소인증, 이노비즈인증,경영혁신중소기업선정
  • 2014

    07ISO 22000 Certificate

  • 2012

    07The production of plasticizer, ecocizer

  • 2011

    07The production of feed additives

  • 2009

    02Being awarded of Science and Technology Merit 'Ungbi Medal'

  • 2008

    08The extension of Cheongju Factory and completion of Bio Building

    07Manufacturing and delivery of dioyl (CJ CheilJedang)

  • 2007

    07Manufacturing and delivery of popcorn (CJ CheilJedang)

    01The selection of Innovative Management Business

  • 2006

    12The recognition of healthy functional food base material or ingredient

    07ISO 9001 Certificate

    06The completion of the factory relocation from Gimpo to CheongjuThe extension of Cheongju Factory( the extention of food building)

  • 2005

    11Being awarded of ‘One Million-Dollar Export Tower’

  • 2004

    115 patent applications in America, Japan, China, Taiwan and Europe

    05Change of the company name to ILSHINWELLS

    04The 37th Ministry of Science and Technology Medal

  • 2002

    10The releasement of "Lowfree" coproduction with CheilJedang

  • 2000

    12The designation as the INNO-BIZ Company

    07The designation as the venture company by Small & Medium Business Administration

Growth1999 ~ 1990

국내최초 순도 95% 모노글리세라이드 개발, 생산480만 달러 수입대체 효과

ILSHINWELLS established the attached laboratory in 1991. That year,
ILSHINWELLS began to produce and apply the food emulsifier which is the basic of food production,
and also started research industrial materials envelopment, agricultural film and cleaning products
in the basic materials development of food.
Since then ILSHINWELLS invented more than 95% high-purity mono-glyceride in
cooperation with Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and established
2nd factory in Cheongju to supply the mono-glyceride in 1996. As a result,
the manufacturing of the high-purity mono-glyceride which depended on
importation made the substitution effect of 4 million 800 thousand importation profits,
also contributed in the progression of Korean economy .
The purity of surfactant was about 80% at that time, and ILSHINYOUHWA showed
the world-class technology with the high-purity Monoglyceride.
We invested in automated equipment not only to the development. As a result,
ILSHINWELLS had a great impact on the market with a combination of both high quality
and low price by producing 30 ton per a day.

신문발췌 - 연구원15명.공장엔 1명, 자동화로 계면활성제
1999 ~ 1900
  • 1997

    10The patent enrollment of the high-purity monoglyceride and one other thing

  • 1994

    11The GMS construction of Cheongju Factory 2

    04The construction of Cheongju Factory

  • 1991

    06The foundation of the laboratory affiliated the company

Changeover1989 ~ 1980

지속적인 연구개발과 기술혁신으로 식품과 산업전반의 사업확장 시장점유율 1위 기업, 일신유화(주)의 시작

ILSHIN Industry changed its brand name to ILSHINYOUHWA
to challenge the overall market emulsifier beyond the limited material such as baking and
confectionery. After the change, we had focused on new product development with
'polyhydric alcohol fatty acid ester‘ surfactant as the center, and had kept up the technology innovation.
These outputs became the foundations consisting of ILSHINWELLS’s product line.

1989 ~ 1980
  • 1986

    04The conversion of ILSHINYOUHWA to corporation

Foundation1979 ~ 1970

유화제 분야의 선두, 세계 4번째 규모의 최첨단 공장,  세계적 기술력의 보유의 시작

Korea promoted the encouraging flour policy actively in 'the Third Five-Year
Economic Development Plan' in 1970s. As a result, the industry of bakeries was growing rapidly.
At that time, ILSHIN Industry contributed to economic development by offering Mono-copper
which is confectionery and bakery emulsifiers.
ILSHIN Industry has been the source of today's ILSHINWELLS through ILSHINYOUHWA.

1989 ~ 1980
  • 1978

    7The relocation of Gimpo Factory

  • 1977

    11The establishment of ILSHIN Industry

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