ILSHINWELLS pursues happiness and health
by using future technology.

Management Philosophy

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축척된 기술과 경험으로 다양한 품질의 지속적인 연구 개발을 통해 국민의 건강과 식품 산업 발전에 기여하도록 하겠습니다.
"The root of business is research and development." Under the founder's belief, ILSHINWELLS repeated research and development actively. For development of complete next generation products, ILSHINWELLS established the laboratory affiliated the company in 1991.We have focused on research and development of products by applying our technology, information and experiences. We made the Korea's first invention and manufacture of more than 95% high purity mono-glyceride in 1996. Using this technology, ILSHINWELLS has brought the import substitution effect of millions of dollars through the localization of the various products that had depended on importation. Now ILSHINWELLS is trying to develop the healthy functional materials in order to contribute to human wellness. ILSHINWELLS believes our responsibility is offering the fertile and meaningful life to everyone. We will concentrate on research and development of the high quality health product materials, and be in charge of a leader that leads the basic materials related with food in all commercial fields in the 21st century.
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