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Plasticizer (Ecocizer)

Using ecocizer of phthalate and adipate is on ban now, because it is reported as hazardous materials like endocrine disruptors. ILSHINWELLS has developed the production and supply of food additives, plasticizers harmless in order to solve these problems.
  • · Purpose : PVC
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Antistatic Agents

Antistatic agent eliminates or reduces the static electricity formed on the surface of the product by adding to plastic or disposing on the surface of a complete product.
  • · Purpose : PP, PE, EPS
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If a sudden temperature change appears in agricultural greenhouses, antifoggant inhibits the phenomenon of water droplets inside the film. ILSHINWELLS provides a solution by creating the character of the surface hydrophilic.
  • · Purpose : LDPE, EVA
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Antifogging Agent

When the anti-fogging agent is added in the plastic film, the surface tension is increased. It increases the surface tension of the water, spreads over the water drop and lets it flow. Anti-fogging agent also makes the transmission of light easy.
  • · Purpose : PVC wrap, LLDPE film for wrapping food
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Lubricant plays a quite important role in the resin process. It is used to facilitate the sliding and reduce the mechanical friction.
  • · Purpose : PC, PS, PVC, PMMA
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